Weekend brunch for 29 September 2019

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Image credit: HCSO

[WB1] Despite the fact that local authorities and the area newspaper of record keep insisting (or at least implying) that crime in Houston is nothing to be alarmed about, we had a tragic incident this week in which a dedicated public servant was gunned down during a “routine” traffic stop by a career criminal who never should have been roaming Houston-area streets given his lengthy rap sheet. Whatever we think about recent trends or the current political leadership, surely we can agree on that last.

We must do a better job of getting the truly violent, bad guys off the streets and incarcerating fewer low-level offenders (and we must get that balance right).

Rest in peace, Sandeep Dhaliwal. You were, by all accounts, everything a public safety officer should be – and called away entirely too soon at age 42. Deepest condolences to your family.

We will leave it at that for this weekend’s post.

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