Weekend brunch for 10 January 2021

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US Capitol. Image credit: Phillip Roulain/Pixabay

[WB1] The events that unfolded in our nation’s capitol this week were revolting and avoidable, instigated by a president whose accomplishments in office will now be overshadowed by what happened on 6 January. Moreover, the crackdown by big tech on all right-of-center dissent is now part of the fallout that we’ll have to deal with. This is a locally focused site, so we’ll leave the commentary on national affairs at that. That said, the Texas lockstep political media couldn’t resist blasting all the politicians they already disliked for their alleged roles in the disgrace. The editor of the Chronicle editorial page even noted that her band of progressive editorialists apparently keeps a list of Bad Americans. How very… Nixon-like! Kudos to freshman U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls, who goes on blogHOUSTON’s list of Good Texans and Americans for throwing in with the capitol police and trying to keep everyone safe.

[WB2] Roughly two years after HPD’s Harding Street Massacre, the fraudulent raid that wound up killing Rhogena Nicholas and Dennis Tuttle and ending the careers of several HPD officers, the City of Houston continues to delay efforts by lawyers representing the family to get to the bottom of the raid.

[WB3] COVID-19 restrictions have tightened in the Houston area as a result of increasing hospitalizations due to the virus: Restaurant capacity supposedly rolls back to 50%, and bars must close. Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo never allowed bars to reopen, and bars that have legally bribed TABC to reclassify as restaurants do not have to close. Nevertheless, lots of bars and sketchy after-hours clubs continue to operate as they’d like in Houston.

[WB4] The Chronicle threw three investigative reporters at the “problem” of the vaccine rollout in Houston. They seem to be looking for a scandal over distribution, when the real problem is simply scarcity. Unlike some places, the Houston area is doing a good job rolling out the vaccines that are available to people who are eligible (contrary to the assertion of Elena Marks in the article). Demand simply exceeds supply. That’s a GOOD thing. Now is the time to step on the gas, NOT to fuss over bureaucratic rollout rules that could waste precious doses.

[WB5] Bill King checks in with a timely article on herd immunity (replete with a calculator you can play with).

[WB6] Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced a new appointee to oversee the troubled Harris County jail.

[WB7] HISD’s online education efforts remain something of a work in progress, according to KTRK-13 news.

[WB8] Michael Lind analyzes the factors (such as public disorder and deteriorating public education systems) that are driving a major tech exodus from California to Texas. Within Texas, will Houston be able to compete for those firms and people, given its own public disorder and education issues?

[WB9] Steph Stradley comments on the dumpster fire that was the Houston Texans’ hiring process (and press conference) for new GM Nick Caserio.

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