Weekend brunch for 5 June 2022

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[WB1] Last Tuesday, Mayor Turner held a press conference touting his crime-fighting initiative’s success in pushing down the murder rate (by 3% year-on-year). By Friday, eight more homicides had been committed, taking the total for the year to 195 (a 1% increase, year-on-year).

[WB2] A felon charged in the shooting death of a Harris County woman was previously released on bond multiple times for possessing a weapon.

[WB3] As KRIV-26 news reports, Harris County (Democratic) judges are granting these sorts of bonds “at an alarming rate.” This is worth remembering when Democrats plot to restrict YOUR Second Amendment rights.

[WB4] Sheriff Ed Gonzalez may need to visit with his fellow Democrats who run Harris County and the courts, rather than tweeting about criminal justice policies.

[WB5] Following the deadly fiasco in which a violent criminal made a prison break and killed five innocents, Sen. John Whitmire wants changes made to the process.

[WB6] A Sugar Land man has been arrested and charged in a paper license plate scheme that allegedly involved the production of some 700,000 fake paper tags.

[WB7] The Harris County Toll Road Authority is reportedly thinking about reducing or even freezing tolls (a bad idea that will likely lead to greater congestion on the toll roads as more and more offices fully reopen).

[WB8] Someone still seems to be feeling neglected. Meanwhile, Judge Lina Hidalgo’s backwards COVID gage thingie remains stuck on yellow.

[WB9] Bob Rehak notes that an appeals court has revived the Addicks-Barker downstream takings cases.

[WB10] City of Houston trash and recycling collection remains a work in progress.

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