Fiddling while the newspaper burns

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Chronicle “blogger” and “Star” section editor MeMo takes the official newspaper weblog into LiveJournal territory:

As of today, you should see a new mugshot with MeMo. This is of no matter, except insofar as it helped me figure out something new about human nature. Call it vanity unfair.

A week or so ago, this page got an e-mail from a disgruntled reader. Certainly not the first, or even the first that day. Readers rightly believe that they have a stake in their daily news, and on top of that, journalism is a relentlessly self-critical profession. As a consequence, this aging editor has a hard carapace. You, the reader, can — and should — criticize this dumb MeMo. Pick apart the facile ideas, the flawed grammar, the ignorant Yankee faux-wit. Tell me i’m stupid or crazy; I have connections by blood or contract who got there before you, anyway. I’d have thought there wasn’t much criticism i couldn’t consider, address or shake off.

But one e-mailer found this girl’s spray-hose-covered Achilles heel: he made fun of the photo accompanying this blog.

The newspaper has just announced massive downsizing, and one of the senior editors is upset because a reader criticized her photograph?

That really is an unintentional statement about what is wrong down at 801 Texas Avenue.

Here’s a suggestion: dump the “blog” AND the bad photo, and bring back Texas Magazine.

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