Food and drink (9-30-2004 edition)

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As the weekend approaches, here’s a quick roundup of various food and drink reviews this week:

Robb Walsh gives a big thumbs up to Denis’ Seafood in West Houston. In a town where too many seafood houses are dishonest about their fish, Walsh says Denis’ tells the truth about their offerings. And when you have some of best offerings in town, why not? Personally, I love this restaurant.

Alison Cook gets little joy from her experiences at The Grille at Clear Lake. That’s fair enough, but readers may find little joy in her review, which has plenty of fine details, but never coalesces into a satisfying whole (not unlike her judgment of the restaurant). At least for this reader. But we link. You decide.

Dai Huynh updates us on various food news around town.

And Joey Guerra says The Belmar club “is the perfect place to grab a drink and gab the night away.” One might suspect that a dance club might actually be better suited for… dancing? But again, we link, you decide.

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