Texas Magazine, RIP

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The Chronicle has ceased publication of its weekend Texas Magazine:

Texas Magazine has suspended publication. The Houston Chronicle is exploring the best ways to offer its readers in-depth, well-written stories about the people of this state. Moving forward, you’ll find many of those articles in the Star section, along with the rest of our high-quality lifestyle coverage Sunday and daily.

The Texas Magazine was a handy repository of stories about Texas people and places as well as schedules for festivals and such all across the state. There’s no way that sort of coverage can be effectively rolled into the “star” section (we use quotes because that’s not the section’s actual name, but a reference to the symbol that serves as the name of the section).

Even worse, the editor of the “star” section describes herself as a “recent Houston transplant.” That’s right, she’s new to Texas! It’s not her fault that she doesn’t yet know enough about our fine state to hold it in the high regard it deserves, but we do wonder about the wisdom of tranferring responsibility for features on Texas to a fairly recent Texan who spends part of her day working on this.

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