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The Chronicle’s David Langworthy writes an interesting Sounding Board column in Monday’s paper. He agrees that there have been some media missteps this summer which have contributed to the (growing) distrust of media. But there is one sentence that is eye-catching:

During afternoons spent selecting and editing content for the Chronicle’s Outlook pages, I have my radio tuned into KUHF-FM and the news broadcast of National Public Radio’s All Things Considered. This is a matter of longstanding habit, but also a tool for professional survival. I cannot count the times the NPR voice coming out of my office radio has alerted me to changes affecting Outlook content.

(emphasis added)

He doesn’t say that anything on Fox News has alerted him to changes affecting Outlook content. He specifically highlights NPR as prompting the changes in content.

That explains a lot.

Let’s give credit to Mr. Langworthy for a frank column. It’s refreshing to read that someone at the Chronicle is aware of the public’s concern regarding the media. But it’s a shame that, in light of Mr. Langworthy’s admission, the Chronicle’s editorial pages are still so filled with invective toward conservative and, often, mainstream ideas and issues.

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