Chron: young people can sink Prop. 2 (and save the Republic!)

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The Chronicle‘s editorial board laments that more young people don’t vote, in an editorial about Prop. 2:

The vote on Proposition 2 on the Nov. 8 ballot, a proposal that would ban gay couples’ right to legally protect their families, offers young people a chance to make their influence felt.

Eighteen- to 25-year-olds vote at about half the rate of 45- to 55-year-olds, notes Rice University political scientist Bob Stein. Without home ownership, school districts and careers to worry about, the younger age group doesn’t feel driven to participate. What a waste. If 18- to 25-year-olds voted their stated beliefs next month, they could show the country that Texans will not stand for bigotry.

(Oooo, a Bob Stein sighting!)

Why does the Chronicle think that if 18-25-year-olds voted their beliefs, they would vote against Prop. 2? Maybe, just maybe, young voters WILL vote their beliefs — and vote in favor of it! (Even notoriously-liberal California passed a Defense of Marriage Act with more than 60% of the vote.)

The editorial should also include a big non sequitur warning because of the first and last paragraphs:

THE past year has not been very empowering for young adults. Just starting to earn a living and newly eligible to vote, they have witnessed a cavalcade of events beyond their control: disasters in Asia, terrorist bombs in Europe, interminable warfare in the Middle East. At home, officials are under investigation for endangering national security.


There’s not much voters can do about natural calamities, stateless terrorists or dishonest, unelected public officials. But Texas’ young voters can exert amazing leverage on the home front next month. They need to vote — and show that hateful legislation is an embarrassment in 21st century Texas.

Natural disasters, terrorist bombings and dishonest public officials relate to Prop. 2…how exactly?

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