Council shelves expensive Tasers, for now

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KPRC-2 reports that City Council today voted to put off a decision to purchase nearly $5 million in Taser equipment, a priority that we criticized last week.

Council member Addie Wiseman sounded a familiar theme:

“Personally, I believe we need more police officers out on the street. Here, we’re being asked to spend millions of dollars. We’re having to borrow money to make this purchase,” said Addie Wiseman, a Houston City Councilwoman.

Onetime conservative Michael Berry, on the other hand, is disappointed that Council is reconsidering the expenditure:

“I wish we could have passed it today, but I think some people felt like they needed some more information. I’ve had my questions answered. I feel very comfortable with it. I’m a huge proponent of this Taser technology and I think we need to move forward with it,” said Michael Berry, of the Houston City Council.

Rumor has it that that Councilman Berry also likes cotton candy and lollipops. A whole bunch!

Television reports showed that Police Chief Hurtt is still not wearing the HPD uniform.

MORE: Coverage from KTRK-13 and KHOU-11.

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