Future competition for the Chronicle?

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Kevin Roderick at LA Observed points to a Denver Post article that reports investor Philip Anschutz has filed to reserve the name “The Examiner” in 69 cities across the country. A spokesman didn’t want to share much more:

“It was a prudent business move to protect The Examiner trademark broadly,” Monaghan said. “We don’t want to talk about our business strategy. But things are going very well in San Francisco, and it seemed prudent to protect the value of the trademark.”

Roderick observes,

Anschutz has supported some conservative causes, is quite religious and is trying to single-handedly clean up the culture of Hollywood–this move raises the question of whether he’s planning a new chain of right-wing papers.

We can only hope so. Quite a few monopoly dailies could use the competition, including our own Houston Chronicle.

And yes, Anschutz has reserved the name Houston Examiner.

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