KHOU-11 takes its turn at toilet issue

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Concern over downtown toilets seems to be a recurring theme among various Houston media outlets.

Today, KHOU-11’s Doug Miller reports on the issue:

Seattle is one of the cities that recently installed public toilets. But unlike Seattle, Houston officials figure the cost is so high, the Bayou City’s public bathrooms would have to become pay toilets.

Another big question: Where to put the public toilets? After all, if you own a restaurant or a bar downtown, do you really want your customers looking out of the window at a public toilet?

Until downtown boosters find the money for public restrooms, downtown pedestrians will have no relief in sight.

The Chronicle took up the pressing problem of inadequate public toilet facilities downtown back in July 2004, as highlighted on my personal blog.

The status of the story seems unchanged, so it appears that someone, somewhere finds the issue of downtown public toilets one that needs attention every six months or so.

At blogHOUSTON, we’re sensitive to what appears to be an important issue to local media, so we’ll do our part to boost downtown toilet development by suggesting Mayor White funnel revenues from his Loading Zone Tax into it. Given some of the expletives truck drivers have used for yet another of Mayor White’s “new revenue streams,” it seems appropriate for this one to fund downtown public toilets.

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