WaPo blogger regurgitates tired Houston cliches

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Washington Post blogger Joel Achenbach takes some shots at Houston in a recent post.

Criticism of Houston has become such a cliche that it’s surprising to me that self-important national-media types even take the time these days.

Still, if they’re going to do it, surely they can do better this:

Houston is the least vertical city in America. The land is flat, the buildings are flat, even the food is flat.

The land IS flat (he’ll have to take that one up with the Almighty). The buildings are NOT flat (maybe he’s heard of that guy who recently passed away, Philip Johnson, who had so much to do with Houston’s beautiful skyline). And this is a GREAT restaurant town, not flat at all. Sorry, one for three is good in baseball, but not so good when it comes to blogging.

What’s unfortunate about these sorts of columns/posts is that one great unstated reason we built a crash-prone light rail line down a busy, already dangerous Main Street corridor was so that we could impress national media types who came to visit (especially for the Super Bowl).

Obviously, it hasn’t worked out that way.

Thanks to Eric Siegmund for calling attention to this one.

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