Chronicle "balances" its DeLay coverage

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Whoa! There are three (count ’em — THREE!) letters today in support of Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Here’s one:

Spreading partisan nonsense

I am tired of the Chronicle’s vendetta against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay because he dared to oppose the sacrosanct Main Street rail line.

Will you folks please move on? Why won’t the Chronicle disclose how many on its management team live inside the Loop and have access to rail, and how much the Chronicle’s real estate holdings went up in value due to the rail line?

You got your rail, so please leave the people’s choice alone.

Stop spreading the Democrats’ partisan nonsense.


Of course, this is how the Chronicle can say it’s neither conservative nor liberal, since it published three pro-DeLay letters. Never mind that a positive-DeLay story on the “news” pages is rarer than a story critical of Metro.

KEVIN WHITED ADDS: I know the editorial page is under no obligation to do so, but has there been any balance in terms of a pro-DeLay op-ed mixed in with the anti-DeLay barrage? I can’t think of anything but the occasional letter. Where is Phil Magness when there are sentences and paragraphs and column inches to be counted?

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