Say it ain't so! Is Lucas Wall leaving the Chronicle?

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We’ve heard that Lucas Wall may soon be leaving the Houston Chronicle for the Boston Globe, where he would also be the transportation reporter. Watch out Big Dig!

If this really is true (maybe Monday’s Move It! column will let us know), we’d like to offer our congratulations to Lucas. After all, he’s given us endless hours of entertainment and (light rail) trainloads of great material to work with. Actually, now that I think about it, blogHOUSTON may have to observe a period of mourning. The Chronicle can’t possibly find someone to fill Lucas’ shoes, in the way we would appreciate.

But, in case the higher-ups are looking for suggestions, I’d like to nominate Ken Hoffman. He’d give us endless hours of entertainment, too, although it’d be in a meant-to-be-humorous sort of way; and he’d keep those Metro officials on their toes.

We may have to put together a Lucas retrospective. No, I insist — it’s the least we can do for the guy who has given so much to blogHOUSTON. Now, where’s the Kleenex? I’m feeling overcome.

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