Rep. Noriega is back from Afghanistan — and the Chron got it right this time

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Yep, the Chronicle finally figured out that state Rep. Rick Noriega was in Afghanistan, as opposed to Iraq:

Houston state Rep. Rick Noriega spent a year 8,000 miles away and got a new perspective on his life back home.

Noriega returned this month from a stint in Afghanistan with the Texas Army National Guard’s 136th Regimental Training Institute. He and several fellow Texans shared a tent, as well as the frustration of being unable to help much with problems facing their families.

Back in April, the editorial board thought Rep. Noriega was in Iraq:

Temporary Acting Rep. Melissa Noriega, wife of Rep. Rick Noriega, who is serving in Iraq[…]

Ah well, today’s story by Kristen Mack and Judith Torrea on Rep. Noriega’s return is interesting reading and we’re glad he’s home safely.

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