Chron editorial board: Tom DeLay? Who's that?

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Thursday, the editorial page of every major newspaper in the state (along with “national” newspapers) weighed in on the DeLay indictment.

The Chronicle was silent, instead running another “In the aftermath of Katrina” editorial.

The Chronicle editorial page offered nothing on the topic yesterday, instead choosing to run a laughable “In the aftermath of Katrina” editorial that contended the wild tales from New Orleans circulated by major media were not the fault of major media (when in fact, the vaunted “fact checking” and editors and extensive resources devoted to New Orleans quite clearly failed at basic journalism — vetting and reporting FACTS).

The Chronicle editorial page offered nothing on the topic today, instead choosing to run another “aftermath of Katrina” editorial. The editorial idealists must be tired of bloggers laughing at them, though, because they busted out a thesaurus and came up with “In the wake of…” as a substitute. That’s even funnier, actually.

Maybe the editorial idealists will be all rested up by tomorrow (it’s HARD to put out a newspaper in the midst of a big news event, as the reader representative reminded us, and apparently takes quite a bit of time to recover), and can offer some opinion about the DeLay indictment.

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