Chron: public schools are paid to care for children

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This is getting very strange. Today the Chronicle‘s editorial board gives us its third editorial on local school districts’ summer lunch programs.

A THIRD editorial! (Isn’t there anything else going on in Houston they could write about?)

Last summer, the Houston and Galena Park independent school districts alone respectively served 2 million and 48,000 meals to children — at least for a few weeks. But when summer school ended and schools closed for repairs, HISD, Galena Park and some other districts simply cut off their government-funded meal services for hungry children.

And for the third time, the editorialists fail to point out that parents should be feeding their own children.

HISD has done better. Its food services program is researching what other districts are doing with their summer feeding programs and will be reviewing that information soon, a spokesman said. HISD’s planning for its summer food program will start in January.

After Hurricane Katrina, Houston leaders — including Harris County school officials — showed marvelous resourcefulness in making room for evacuees. The relief effort polished a national view of Houston as an effective, generous community.

Apparently that’s the extent of praise HISD and other school districts can expect from the Chronicle for all their hurricane-relief work. I’m sure that makes local ISDs want to jump up and do the Chronicle‘s bidding.

If New Orleans’ disaster taught other cities anything, it was how critical good planning is to ensure that poor citizens are properly protected. When it comes to federal meal programs, such planning doesn’t even require local taxes.

Another “in the aftermath of” reference…

This summer, tens of thousands of Harris County children won’t have enough to eat. HISD, Galena Park ISD and other county school districts owe it to those children — and to the taxpayers who already have paid for their care — to ensure the same number of meals are served each month this summer.

…and a look at what the idealists think the true purpose is for public education. Those of us in the real world (or at least the real state) think public schools are paid to educate children. Those in the ideal state think public schools are paid to care for children.

Who needs parents?

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