A reverse Chron eye!

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We’ve had a few laughs at the Chron Eye For The Death Row Killer Guy.

Today, however, the Chronicle confounded us with what amounts to a reverse Chron Eye.

Zeke Minaya actually profiled one of the victims of a death row killer guy:

The memory of the attack no longer pains Julie Hollas the most. Instead, it’s the small and unexpected ways the violence and fear of those few hours have woven themselves into her daily life.

She doesn’t like to leave home at night. She shrinks from hugs — even from her 7-year-old son — if hands come close to her neck. She cannot stand the smell of sweat.

“If Greg has been working in the garden, he has to take a shower before he can even kiss me hello,” Hollas said of her husband of nearly 10 years. “Because it will bring back a fear. I go through it again.”

Charles Daniel Thacker was already a convicted rapist when, Hollas says, he sexually assaulted her Feb. 17, 1993. Thacker was arrested two months later, after strangling Klein schoolteacher Karen Gail Crawford during an attempted rape, and convicted of capital murder.

He is scheduled to die tonight.

That’s a different twist from the newspaper.

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