Food and drink roundup (01-15-2006 edition)

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The Food and Drink offerings have been a bit meager to start the year, but we’ll try to throw something together.

Alison Cook reviewed downtown restaurant 17 as her last review of the year, and liked changes from the new kitchen management.

Brian McManus’s reviews of local eateries remind us that we haven’t heard from Robb Walsh in a while, and also make us hope he gets back soon. I’m not sure why a review of Tony’s or a later review of the wild Sunday brunch at La Strada necessitates multiple mentions of the male sex organ. There’s too little talk of food or cuisine in this man’s restaurant reviews.

Mary Vuong looks at what Houstonians can expect trend-wise from local eateries in 2006. She also looks at the versatility of teas in drinks and food.

Ken Hoffman’s fast food reviewing talents have been on a bread kick the past two weeks. Last week Blimpie’s “new” whole grain wheat bread got a gander. This week Quiznos new bread bowls get the nod. The bread bowls sound yummy. What a bad time to start a diet for a New Year’s resolution.

And Gracie Ochoa does a short write-up for Montrose lounge The Flat.

World Class, all of it. Enjoy!!

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