Dynamo's ticket sales a bit lackluster

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This story about the Houston Dynamo’s ho-hum ticket sales:

The team will host the Colorado Rapids on Sunday in what will be Houston’s debut in Major League Soccer, and word out of the Dynamo ticket office is that sales of season tickets barely have cracked the 2,000 mark.

On Tuesday, total tickets sold for the match, including season and individual-game tickets, hovered “in the low teens,” Dynamo president Oliver Luck said.

reminded me of what Rob Booth wrote:

Many brave men and women risked their lives and died so that Texas would be independent from Mexico. AEG, Sylvia Garcia, and Prof. Ramos don’t think their sacrifice should be honored. That is stunning beyond words. If they literally spit on Sam Houston’s grave I wouldn’t be more flabbergasted.


I had six people lined up to go to opening day and was working on six more. I couldn’t commit to season tickets, but I mentally was hyped to go to a bunch of matches.

Now, no way am I giving AEG $25 of my hard-earned money. I can’t fathom the idea of putting my butt in one of those seats and watch men run around kicking a ball on the ground that people died to liberate, and giving $25 to people who spit on their sacrifice. That’s what I’d be thinking the whole time.

I certainly hope Sylvia Garcia, Professor Ramos and all the other professional sensitives who had a hissy fit have bought their season tickets.

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