Little guy Rudy Rios vs. big, bad HISD

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Former Chavez High School JV baseball coach Rudy Rios is working to get his coaching gig back:

Rios, who retained his position as an English as a Second Language teacher, said he made about 30 copies on his own paper to show support for his students. He said he didn’t write the message, pass out the fliers or otherwise weigh in on the controversial debate.

“I’m not for it; I’m not against it,” said Rios, whose Mexican-born mother became a U.S. citizen last year. “But I tell the kids, ‘You need to stand up for what you believe in.’ “

Rios said he plans to take his own advice by fighting HISD to get his coaching position back. In addition to his $42,000 annual salary, he receives a small stipend for coaching. “It’s against all odds. It’s a big school district for a little guy,” he said. “You make a choice. You have to live with the consequences. But it doesn’t mean I have to live with them lying down.”

Against all odds? Rios should contact Chris Tritico.

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