Barron: KILT still the leader in local sports talk

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The Chronicle‘s David Barron has the latest Arbitron numbers for local sports talk radio, and once again KILT-610 leads KBME-790.

It wouldn’t be the Chronicle if there weren’t an error in the copy:

In afternoon drive, KILT’s cume lead, according to the people meters, was 84,000 to 50,000 for KILT. In February, KILT led 80,000 to 67,000.

That should have been “50,000 for KBME.”

There was another gratuitous reference to Bill “Cowboy” Lamza in the column. Perhaps the excitement of Lamza distracted Barron from actually writing copy that made sense? I can’t say, as I don’t pretend to understand the fascination that local print journalists seem to have with Lamza.

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