Survey: Fort Bend voters undecided on DeLay replacement

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Chris Elam has posted a press release describing a telephone survey of Republican voters in the Fort Bend County part of Congressional District 22. The survey was commissioned by his family’s political consultancy, Campaign Resources, Inc. Here are the key findings:

The survey, commissioned by Campaign Resources, Inc., a local Republican campaign resource firm, was conducted on April 26 and included 159 respondents. The survey results indicated voters were still largely undecided or unaware of who they would like to see replace DeLay.

In an open-ended question asking GOP voters to name their preference for DeLay’s replacement, Fort Bend elected officials David Wallace and Charlie Howard, both from Sugar Land, were the top two preferences, although the overwhelming majority of those answering the survey could not cite a preference. Only 29 of the 159 respondents could name a preference on this question without being prompted with a name.

The participants were then asked to choose between the top two. Those results are posted on Elam’s blog.

This early survey by Campaign Resources should prove much more useful than Eric Thode’s odd plan to “survey” the Fort Bend County part of the district with a mailer.

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