Chron editorial board afflicted by summer silliness

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The Chronicle‘s Editorial LiveJournalists have really been cranking out some doozies lately.

You got the sense some summer silliness was getting underway when they recently compared some park space around a muddy bayou to San Antonio’s River Walk (by the way, how did Houston’s River Walk fare on Monday, with the floods? Does anybody have photos that we can compare with the real River Walk?).

Monday, they invented a new word (reinsurerers), which was amusing to this bloggerer.

And today, they had a double shot of fun. There was an editorial with this headline:

Superfund solution: Private cleanup of a contaminated site in Fifth Ward could provide a national model

Unfortunately, the conclusion is not quite consistent with the headline:

The unique solution proposed for the MDI site won’t work everywhere, because not every toxic Superfund site sits upon land valuable enough to pay for its own cleanup.

So, if it’s a unique solution that won’t work everywhere (because in all honesty, there are probably not many Superfund sites sitting upon land valuable enough to pay for its own cleanup), it’s probably incapable of providing a national model! Do any grownups read these things before they are committed to print?

In today’s other editorial, the LiveJournalists move on from lecturing the Pope to lecturing Episcopalians:

This is an era when the nation is at war with global terrorists and could be attacked at any time. Many Americans are trapped in poverty and ignorance, and most face an uncertain future. At such a time, the deep national divide and animosity over same-sex unions is unnecessary and inappropriate.

So it is with Episcopalians.

As Matt Bramanti puts it, because we have terrorism and poverty, good old Chron editorial board advice should be substituted for theology and doctrine and icky church stuff! Of course, we suspect that the Editorial LiveJournalists probably think their advice is preferable to that icky church stuff regardless of terrorism and poverty, but why pass up a chance to lecture those wacky believers!

Here’s hoping the summer silliness will subside. Soon.

UPDATE (06-22-2006): Matt Bramanti writes that the silliness continues today. A major newspaper should produce much better work than this.

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