Culberson amendment to block funding for sanctuary cities

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Rep. John Culberson added an amendment to a House Appropriations bill that would block federal funding for sanctuary cities and counties:

These policies prevent local law enforcement officers from asking individuals they arrest, detain or stop whether or not they are in the country legally.

Culberson said, “My amendment will enforce existing federal law by cutting off funding for cities and counties that do not repeal their sanctuary policies. These policies are designed to shield criminal aliens, and my amendment is intended to uncloak them.”

Under current federal law, cities and counties cannot restrict the ability of local law enforcement officers to inquire about the immigration status of individuals they arrest, detain, or stop. However, 29 cities (including Houston, New York and Los Angeles) and 3 counties have adopted sanctuary policies which prevent law enforcement officers from inquiring about immigration status.

In his statement, Rep. Culberson referenced the tragic story of an Austin woman who was killed by an illegal alien in 2004. In that case, Austin PD did not inquire about the man’s immigration status when he was being investigated on charges of child molestation because of the city’s sanctuary policy.

UPDATE (1:08 pm): The House passed the appropriations bill containing Rep. Culberson’s amendment.

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