With crime on the rise, businesses want surveillance cameras

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Chief Hurtt may yet get his surveillance cameras, in a way that sidesteps elected city officials:

After a rash of crimes, the Asian American Business Council has been looking into buying a camera for business areas.

“We want to tie everybody’s together where we have a monitoring station eventually and we have a place for central storage,” said member Jackson Chang.

Police could go there to view any crimes digitally caught on computer.

As we reported in March, the Downtown Business District has made the same offer to the city. They’ve bought the equipment, hoping HPD will monitor the cameras.

I didn’t know about that bolded part. Are the cameras already installed?

The brutal attack in Chew Park left neighbors worried about their safety and asking about cameras, too.

“Personal security, to me, that’s a really positive thing and in fact, that’s the way they found the people who bombed the subways in London,” said a Chew Park neighbor.

After the Chew Park murder, residents are asking for cameras instead of more police visibility?

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