Food and drink roundup (06-05-2006 edition)

Image credit: Pixabay

Lunchtime is a good time to read about local food and restaurants. Let’s get started on another food and drink roundup.

Alison Cook likes the vibe and sometimes likes the food at Kirby eatery Turquoise Grill. She mostly raves about Sylvia’s Enchilada Kitchen, located out in far west Houston.

Robb Walsh likes the newest version of Rico’s Triangle Restaurant. He also follows a reader’s recommendation and tries Jazzie Cafe, recently opened by a Katrina evacuee.

Dai Huynh covers the opening of the new “digs” for Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Now THIS sounds world class.

Mary Vuong reports that wi-fi isn’t just for coffee shops anymore.

Ken Hoffman really likes the comfort food-ish Famous Bowl, now offered at KFC.

My Table announces the local eateries that made its Top 10 Wine Lists.

And Gracie Ochoa reports on newcomer 6th Street Bar and Grill, located across the street from Fitzgerald’s

Okay, maybe it’s all World Class. Enjoy!!

UPDATE: Mattsapundit goes the extra mile and reviews a lunch from HISD’s Summer Feeding Program for his readers. I don’t know. The man’s got guts…iron ones.

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