Campbell: Acrimony between Chief, officers nothing new

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Chronicle reader representative James Campbell expands on an earlier blog post in his weekly column for the Chronicle today:

LONGTIME residents of Houston have seen this dance before: Mayor hires a new police chief — Harold Hurtt — from out of town. On arrival, the new chief and the police union join hands for a brief chorus of Kumbaya and pledge cooperation in the interest of maintaining law and order and keeping the citizenry safe from the bad guys.

Then the honeymoon ends. Katrina happens and brings New Orleans’ bad to mix with our bad. Crime seems out-of-control — or at least, in some areas. Manpower is lacking. The already sagging officer morale sours more when the chief issues a decree that has more to do with professionalism than fighting crooks. The backbiting starts. The union claims the troops have no confidence in the chief. The chief claims the union’s charges are unfounded, and so on and so on … To borrow a Yogi-ism, “It’s d

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