Houston's a selling point for Austin's red light cameras

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Austin city councilmembers are discussing how to get red light cameras operating in their city. Here’s one selling point:

Council members say traffic enforcement cameras are being used in other Texas cities like Houston and Plano and are effective.

That’s some high-quality journalism, courtesy of KXAN!

What’s the definition of effective? How much revenue is generated, no doubt. And how long would a city’s cameras need to have been operating for them to be called effective? Er, no longer than the trial run, apparently, since that’s about all Houston’s done so far.

I imagine someone in Austin (Austin’s police chief, perhaps?) called someone in Houston (Houston’s police chief, perhaps?) and Houston’s go-to person praised the (trial run) cameras’ effectiveness. Why, red light running is a thing of the past here in Houston, thanks to the (trial run) cameras!

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