METRO generates familiar complaints on southeast side

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In departing from the METRO Solutions plan approved by voters in 2003, METRO is having some familiar problems on the southeast side:

More than 120 people attended the formal public hearing, which was held to elicit comments for the final impact statement and as a precursor to the Metro board’s selection of an option which considers local preferences.

The Southeast corridor is part of Metro’s plan to link destinations throughout the city to the existing Main Street rail line.

The draft statement analyzes two proposed routes for the corridor: one that would turn on Scott Street from downtown before turning on Griggs and ending near the Palm Business Center, and another that would turn off of Scott onto Wheeler and again onto Martin Luther King Boulevard, before ending somewhere near the Palm Center.

The Scott/Griggs alignment was the route chosen by southeast area voters in 2003 when they approved Metro’s plan for light rail line in the area, and some say the transit company ought to stick with that.

Anitra Brown’s story for the Chronicle may be found here.

As we have noted before, METRO is on the most solid ground when it closely adheres to the METRO Solutions plan approved by voters in 2003, and gets into shakier territory when it chooses to depart from that plan.

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