Priscilla Slade is now teaching accounting…at TSU!

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This is one of those stories where all you can do is shake your head and wonder at the sheer stupidity and incompetence that is out there:

Priscilla Slade, the former Texas Southern University president fired for her spending of school money on personal expenses, is teaching accounting courses on campus this semester.

Priscilla Slade, Accounting Professor

Her return to the classroom comes four weeks after a Harris Country grand jury indicted Slade and three aides for allegedly violating the university’s policies and state laws in paying for household furnishings and landscaping, among other things.

Although the university’s governing board fired Slade in June for her spending as president, she remains a tenured professor in the Jesse H. Jones School of Business, officials said today.

Slade’s decision to resume teaching came as surprise to some administrators and faculty members, who assumed she would prefer a lower profile while facing criminal charges.

Noooo! Now why would anyone assume she would lie low while facing criminal charges???

She’s probably just a victim of…something and, you know, it’s not her fault. Ergo, there’s no shame in her teaching accounting at TSU. Why, next thing you know, she’ll be teaching ethics classes.

(via the Chronicle‘s Matthew Tresaugue)

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