Illegal-immigrant cop killer polite, calm (con't)

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This time the Chron Eye story is courtesy of KHOU-11:

In stark contrast to the wild-eyed suspect we first saw taken into custody, Quintero seemed collected, respectful and even sincere, when we sat down with him in the San Jacinto jail.

Although police say he’s confessed, he told 11 News, “Right when they picked me up, I said something to them. That’s it. What I remember about the accident.”

And while he wouldn’t comment on his guilt or innocence, he does concede he was carrying a handgun the day he was stopped.

“There’s been a lot of robberies,” he said, “It was to protect my family.”

As for Officer Johnson’s family, he had this to say, “There’s nothing I can do or nothing I can say to change what happened, but I’m so sorry for what happened.”

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