Mayor: sanctuary policy critics are disrespecting officers

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Mayor White has now entered the illegal immigrant debate by attempting to change the focus (via Matt Stiles, Chronicle):

White, who disputes the “sanctuary” label, said critics were “disrespecting officers” by claiming that they aren’t doing their jobs. He blames lax border security, and he said officers do cooperate with federal immigration enforcement authorities when they arrest criminals in the country illegally.

Very nice. Critics of the sanctuary policy aren’t saying police officers aren’t doing their jobs. Critics are saying a 1992 directive handed down from a former police chief (that is supported by current city of Houston leadership including the current police chief) is not allowing police officers to do their jobs.

I suppose that’s one way to silence critics — accuse them of saying something that hasn’t even been said. Since Mayor White fancies himself such a consensus builder, he’d do well to actually have a honest debate about the 1992 HPD memo, but that won’t happen. His right hand won’t allow it.

UPDATE: Chris Baker has led off his program on KTRH-740 by blasting on Mayor White’s bizarre characterization.

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