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A while back, Banjo Jones (proprietor of the Official Blog for the Petrochemical Underarm of Texas) turned us on to a new local blogger named Slampo, and have we ever become fans! As an example (or two), take Slampo’s latest couple of offerings: asking some questions our local media didn’t about cop killer Juan Quintero, and artfully skewering the Chron‘s editorial board when the LiveJournalists took on the topic of “anchor babies.”

Well, guess what? The Houston Press has named Slampo’s Place as the Best Local City Life Blog for this year’s Best of Houston awards:

Though this mysterious fellow’s real name is a secret, regular readers of his blog know that Slampo is an ex-employee of the defunct Houston Post, a native of southwest Louisiana now living in the Westbury area, a fan of both baseball Hall of Famer Enos “Country” Slaughter and primordial swamp-bluesman Slim Harpo, and a guy who can, on occasion, be tart as a, um, persimmon. Slampo’s high-tension prose positively crackles with electricity, whether he’s taking on immigration, the Enron trial, City Hall or Tom DeLay, or lamenting the deaths of music heroes such as Buck Owens or Wilson Pickett. (The latter’s demise prompted one of Slampo’s most Proustian posts.) And just when you think you’ve seen every mojo in his trick bag, he pulls out something like a very good original poem or a dialogue with his daughter and her schoolmate that rivals the best work of Mike Royko.

Congratulations, Slampo! It’s well-deserved.

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