Who is this John Beoner from Illinois?

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Even when they try to be reasonable, the Editorial LiveJournalists sometimes have problems.

Here’s an excerpt from today’s editorial on gasoline prices:

The politicians must take some blame for inducing Americans’ misapprehension about a link between the coming elections and falling gasoline prices. In an e-mail, House Majority Leader John Beoner, R-Ill., hailed the falling prices, implying that the party in power had something to do with it. He and other Republican officials have blamed Democrats’ opposition to wilderness and offshore drilling for scarce supply and high prices.

Who is this John Beoner from Illinois, and why is he impersonating the House Majority Leader?

The last time I checked, the House Majority Leader was John Boehner, from the 8th Congressional District of Ohio.

UPDATE: Matt Bramanti noticed another mistake:

According to a recent Gallop Poll, 42 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement that the Bush administration “deliberately manipulated the price of gasoline so that it would decrease before this fall’s election.” The truth is more complicated:

Well yee haw, a poll of the horsies! Unless, of course, the Editorial LiveJournalists meant Gallup.


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