Will the downtown Pavilions overshadow the moats of urine?

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Some local bloggers have either heavily blockquoted news copy or rewritten press copy on the big groundbreaking of the Houston pavilions, but Jennifer Ringwald (of Houston’s finest cover band) has a more unique take on the big project. Here are some fun excerpts:

AND THERE’S STILL NO GROCERY STORE or market or really anywhere to get a jug of milk and a banana (I don’t count the stores where you have to cross a moat of urine just to get in the door).


I’ll check out the shops when they’re done, if they are open after work hours, which most downtown places are not, and if I don’t have to walk over any sleeping bodies to get inside. I doubt I’ll really use any of those stores, but I am kind of excited about the bowling lanes.

Too fun! The entire post is here.

Cory Crow posts a reaction to the groundbreaking here.

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