Coming soon to city coffers: The heavy trash revenue stream!

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The Chronicle‘s Seshdri Kumar reports that Mayor White and his Council will soon be imposing yet another fee on Houston residents:

The city of Houston is likely to propose a $3 or $4 a month fee for recycling and heavy trash collection from city residents, Houston Councilman At Large Ronald Green, told a meeting of the Alief Super Neighborhood Council on Tuesday night.


The city’s solid waste task force has been meeting for the last six months and will present its recommendations at a special council meeting on April 2, Green said.

The city does not currently charge residents a garbage collection fee; instead, it pays for the service through tax revenues.


Green said the method of collecting the fee has not yet been determined but most likely it be done through residents’ water bills. Also, the frequency of heavy trash collection may be reduced, he said.

Once the task force actually does the political heavy lifting of advocating new revenues, we’re sure the Mayor and his staff will have useful proposals for extracting the money from residents efficiently. They’re pretty good at creating new revenue streams.

We’re not really sure how well the “Houston: More fees for fewer services!” and “Houston: Murders per 100,000 residents weren’t THAT high on my watch!” themes are going to play when Mayor White eventually runs for statewide political office, though.

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