Every day's a honeymoon when hardly anybody pays attention

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The Chronicle‘s Bill Murphy wrote about new Harris County Judge Ed Emmett’s “honeymoon period” a few days ago:

Like anybody who has ever attended Commissioners Court, new County Judge Ed Emmett is finding out that its meetings typically are bereft of Patrick Henry-like debate.

Democracy, Harris County-style, often consists of the county judge paging through a 30-page agenda, reading the names of county departments. If no court member objects to any items listed beneath a department heading, the court passes the whole agenda with no discussion.

Midway through reading the department names this week, Emmett glanced up. “Is it always going to be this easy?”

Neither the Commissioners Court nor Harris County operations get much scrutiny at all from the Chronicle or other local press, so chances are it will remain that easy for the foreseeable future.

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