The media turned on David Carr?

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On Friday, the Chronicle Entertainment section ran a story on former Texans quarterback David Carr with the following strange assertion:

David Carr haircut, via USA Today

Back then, no one could have predicted the level of anti-Carr sentiment that “started really percolating” after the 2004 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

When fans poured beer on Carr’s family in their Reliant Stadium suite, things hit an all-time low. Their love affair was over.

As was the media’s. Newspaper columnists called him “an albatross.” Television reporters seemed disgusted in post-game interviews.


Fans did turn on David Carr at some point, but the media never seemed that hard on him, even at the end. And by all accounts, Carr was very professional and helpful with the media, which probably partly explains the cordial coverage he usually received.

But that’s just my opinion. Does anyone think the local media ever truly turned on David Carr, over all those years of sub par play?

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