Farewell, Ed Brandon

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On the 6pm broadcast earlier, KTRK-13 had a nice farewell to longtime weatherman Ed Brandon, who closed out his career with the station tonight.

Ed Brandon

KTRK has posted some additional material to its website.

Brandon made his blogging debut as a guest on Mike McGuff’s blog. Here’s something that amused:

Ever tried to not think about something? If I tell you not to think about your mother, doesn’t her saintly smile immediately come to mind? The subject arises as I sit here in the early morning hours of the last day of my 35 years at Channel 13. (Station big-wigs prefer that I use “brands” like “ABC13” or “Houston’s News Leader.” But no-one has ever asked me to tell them about my job at “Houston’s News Leader.” They always ask about “Channel 13.”)

Ha, after 35 years, Brandon has more than earned the right to say to heck with the ABC marketing twits!

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