MOJO radio, or just BAD radio?

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KPRC-950’s big format flip took place earlier this week (for the most part), and as the Chronicle‘s Andrew Guy reports for the Chronicle, that means Walton and Johnson are now back on Clear Channel. They’re on in the mornings, and they’ve been doing double duty in the afternoons until the new Chris Baker/Cynthia Hunt show launches later this month.

I listened to them twice today (the things I do for the blog!), and can report they are as unfunny and grating as ever. Mancow was… so-so, for the first time I’ve ever listened to him, and predictably less interesting during the “Mancow Happy Hour.” It’s possible he could be an acquired taste, but probably not one that I will acquire. Dave Ramsey seems out of place. Baker/Hunt can’t be judged yet, since Walton and Johnson are filling that slot temporarily (and just as obnoxious in it as the earlier slot), but Baker’s a genuine talent and should be fine. I didn’t listen to any of the evening programs, some (maybe all?) of which are taped.

Indeed, it’s really strange to see the once-great talk station running so much taped content, which means people in the Houston radio market (not some rural backwater) can’t actually call in during the taped shows. But hey, they have a “Babe Pages” pictures link on the new website, so who needs interactivity on the radio side, right?

Maybe it will all turn out to be a stroke of genius for Michael “Babe Pages” Berry, if he manages to attract a previously untapped radio audience. But it will have to be a new audience, if some of the emails we have received are any indication, because quite a few listeners (especially female listeners) were probably shocked by the changes on Monday. We’re guessing many of those listeners wound up discovering that KNTH and KSEV are pretty decent alternatives for political talk. We’re also guessing John Granato is smiling about now, since the lineup he’s built for KGOW’s launch next month seems so much stronger than what KPRC (sorry, but I won’t refer to it as 9 5 0 MOJO) is offering.

The ratings in a few months ought to be very interesting. In the meantime, it’s probably worth noting the passing of a once-great talk radio station in Houston. Who knows — maybe it will be again.


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