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A month ago, Lou Minatti and I both received a spam email. I clicked on the “opt-out” link just to make sure I wouldn’t get any more spam, even though I had never opted IN.

Yesterday, I got an annoying, graphic-heavy, spam email, advising me I should pick up a paper copy of the Thanksgiving Chronicle for all the fabulous sales ads. It also advised:

You received this e-mail because you are subscribed to The Houston Chronicle Mailing List as [redacted]

To opt-out from this e-mail, please use this link.

I used the opt-out link a month ago, but apparently my request wasn’t honored.

It’s nice for users that the Chron gives free access to archives in exchange for registration. It’s nice for the Chron that so many registered users provide free web content and boost page views via the comment and blog features. It’s not nice that the Chron spams registered users who have not signed up for their junk email.

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