Mayor unveils latest strategy to curry favor with anti-Ashby highrise constituents

Image credit: Pixabay

One of our early objections to the poorly-considered ordinance that Mayor White proposed when well-heeled constituents demanded he stop the Ashby high rise was the amount of discretionary power that it would have bestowed on unelected bureaucrats.

Since the development of that ordinance has pleased nobody so far, Mayor White has since unveiled an even more capricious plan to use an antiquated driveway law to hinder development that somebody, somewhere, might find objectionable (at least until he can win approval for the other ordinance to empower unelected bureaucrats with discretionary power to hinder development). The Chronicle‘s Carolyn Feibel reports:

The driveway law dates back to 1940, though its current form began to take shape in 1968. White acknowledged that reviving this broadly worded law might have a “chilling” effect on growth, so he circulated a memo Wednesday with criteria on how it would be applied. The memo said developments that meet three criteria will receive “more intense scrutiny” of their traffic loads. The criteria are:

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