Reliant Q-Card readers dysfunctional on first night of Rodeo activities

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Last night was the first night of the Rodeo cookoff festivities.

Laurence Simon reports that neither of METRO’s Q-Card readers on the Reliant Danger Train platform was actually working. He adds,

The end of paper transfers is today, and METRO can’t even keep the equipment running for major events. Or, if they borked the readers intentionally, they didn’t bother posting notices saying anything about it.

They want to build more of these things in your streets.

Anyone else think that this is a dumb idea too?

Downtown parking meters are supposed to be a great improvement, just like the Q-Card system.

Unfortunately, when the systems break down and aren’t repaired in a timely manner, they are just an annoyance. A truly “world-class” city (like, say, Mayor Daley’s Chicago or Mayor Bloomberg’s New York) would do a better job with such basic services.

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