Queen Sheila may not like this video footage

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Houstonians are very familiar with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s love of TV cameras.

KHOU-11 posts a story that probably isn’t going to be among Queen Sheila‘s favorite videos, though. Here’s an excerpt (but be sure to click over to watch the actual video):

Queen Sheila Jackson Lee

On the campus of Texas Southern University was a Democratic Senate District convention unlike the others being held across the state.

Democrats together, but yet still divided over who should be the Democratic presidential nominee.

And never more was that more apparent than when longtime Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee took the stage.

A majority of the crowd showed its support for Barack Obama by shouting his name and booing the congresswoman, letting her know what they thought of her allegiance to Hillary Clinton.

That’s not the sort of behavior the Queen expects from her subjects!

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