DA candidate mockery officially underway

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The Houston Press has a nice PDF on the two (unqualified) candidates who are the finalists in the Harris County DA race.

And surprisingly, the Editorial LiveJournalists today said that Clarence Bradford still needs to talk about his role in the botched K-Mart parking lot raid (recently settled by the city) and the HPD Crime Lab:

While Bradford likely will avoid having to testify at trial about the Kmart fiasco, it should and likely will be an issue in his November contest with former Judge Pat Lykos for Harris County district attorney.

As the crime lab scandal also happened on his watch, Bradford must explain what responsibility he bears for these costly blunders and why he didn’t prevent them.

The blog declines to make endorsements of candidates, but I have to say that “none of the above” is looking like a really good choice in this race.

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