Mayor White's gonna FIRE people if airport expansion runs over budget!

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You probably heard yesterday that a big expansion is scheduled for Terminal B at Bush Intercontinental (via KHOU-11):

Seven years and at least $1.2 billion from now, the outdated Terminal B will be five times bigger. There will be more gates, new regional jet facilities and a second federal inspection building that will allow for even more international flights.

When asked about the cost and time overruns that plagued Terminal E’s expansion, Mayor White said:

If there is big cost overruns I’ll fire people,
White insisted. ” I mean it was ridiculous what happened if you look at the project management costs.”

Whoa there, big guy! That’s tough talk coming from someone who played dumb when it came to handing out Terminal C’s food contract to a well-connected political donor. That’s tough talk coming from someone who supported putting a local company out of business so a major city player could control the airport shuttle contract. And that’s tough talk coming from someone who has been silent on the recent news that METRO’s light rail project has gone from a cost of around $1.2 billion to upwards of $4 billion.

One question: If the project isn’t scheduled for completion until 2015ish, how’s Mayor White going to FIRE people if things don’t run as planned? By executive order from the governor’s mansion?

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