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We’re still playing with new Christmas toys, but here are a few local stories that have caught our attention:

Vasquez sworn in as county tax assessor

City sends woman a $4,700 water bill as an early Christmas present Lest you think the city doesn’t have a heart, “The city agreed to reduce the bill from $4,000 to $1,000, which is still a big jump from Baylous’ $10 a month bill.”

City’s pension plans lose $1.9 billion in value But, the experts assure that there’s nothing to worry about.

Garcia, Lee offer deal for Dynamo: Commissioners propose to offer $10 million for stadium project

Suit claims city withholding red-light camera study

Mayor Bill White’s office attacked the lawsuit as a publicity stunt.

Considering the study was supposed to be released in “a couple of days” back on December 10th, there might be some merit to the suit. Maybe NOW the city will release the study…after it’s cleaned up:

The mayor’s office later asked Stein to make some changes for clarity so the public and reporters could more easily understand the conclusions.

Ooooo, a Bob Stein-sighting!

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