The Lykos political purge begins

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Harris County District Attorney-elect Pat Lykos has already begun to purge perceived political enemies from the DA’s office.

Here’s an excerpt from A Harris County Lawyer, the prosecutor whose blog has provided an invaluable look inside the DA’s Office, about the process:

The Lykos Administration took affect last week with District Attorney Ken Magidson extending the professional courtesy to Jim Leitner of hiring him on to do Pat Lykos’ bidding prior to her taking office on January 1, 2009.

Yesterday, all District Attorney employees learned the drill: Leitner sent you an e-mail that invited you for a “meeting” where he told you that the Lykos Administration would not be re-hiring you as an employee. By the end of yesterday’s count, he had taken out four investigators and one prosecutor.


We walked into his Office, where former-Judge Roger Bridgwater was working.

Jim started fumbling with his desk, saying he didn’t know where “the letter” was. Judge Bridgwater told him it was in his desk. Jim ultimately found it.

It was a letter from Lykos thanking me for my service, but letting me know that my services were not needed under her administration. I found it a bit disingenuous considering the letter she had sent all District Attorney employees after the Republican primary run-off where she told us all that as long as we didn’t campaign for Bradford that our jobs would be okay.

Wow. Never trust a politician. Who knew?

So, anyway, I read my “thanks for trying 55 felony cases more than I will ever try” letter from Lykos and calmly put it back in the envelope.

Go read the whole thing.

While these sorts of purges are to be expected — certainly from someone with Pat Lykos’ reputation for vindictiveness — one would hope that the local media would at least give it a little bit of attention as some good career public servants are shown the door and Lykos acts… pretty much as those in the legal community who know her expected she would.

UPDATE: The Chronicle reports on the issue here.

UPDATE 2: KPRC-2 has more.

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