Rice Prof gives good grades to SAFEclear program he helped design

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In today’s Chronicle, Carolyn Feibel reports on a study by Bob Stein (Houston’s expert on everything) that found a correlation between SAFEclear response times and a reduction in traffic accidents:

Bob Stein, Bicyclist and Houston Expert

Houston’s mandatory towing program has continued to reduce crashes on the city’s freeways, according to a city-commissioned study released Monday.


“It makes the program look exceptionally effective,” said Bob Stein, a Rice University professor who co-authored the study with Tim Lomax of the A&M Texas Transportation Institute. (Stein’s wife works for the White administration as a City Council agenda director.)

Cory Crow offers (tongue-in-cheek?) congratulations to the Chronicle for identifying Stein’s wife (something that is not always done by the newspaper).

However, we would have preferred that the newspaper identify Stein as one of the architects of the SAFEclear program, a relevant fact reported previously by Rad Sallee for the Chronicle.

Helping design a program for the City of Houston and THEN being commissioned by the city to study its effectiveness is a pretty good gig!

Come to think of it, it’s not unlike mayoral staffer Anthony Hall approving various expenditures by Richard Vacar at the Houston Airport System, and later overseeing the investigation of the same when Vacar’s mysterious departure raised questions.

That’s how the connected class rolls in Houston. We like to call it The Houston Way.

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